General Features

  • Full leverage of the JDK 1.5 enhancements
  • Maven 2 compatible
  • Leverages factories, interfaces and protected methods for extensibility
  • Multiple methods of integration
    • Direct deployment using an extended FaceletsViewHandler
    • Simple deployment with access to the facelets Compiler instance
    • Custom deployment with access to custom TagLibrary instances
  • Commons-logging support with extremely verbose logging under TRACE to be able to debug
  • Well commented JavaDoc

Implementation Features

Support for registering Facelets items

  • Components
  • Converters
  • Validators
  • (EL) Functions
  • Tag handlers (new to version 0.2)

Support for registering Faces items

  • Components
  • Converters
    • ID based
    • Class based
  • Validators
  • Renderers

The faces registration supports different methods of registration. See the JavaDoc or the usage page for more information.