Maven Related Documentation

Maven 2 (2.0.6) has been used to build this project. As such, it can be can built and tested using Maven.

In order for this site to be built and the features of the maven site building to work correctly, this project references the jsf-comp site project as its parent. The parent is not available on a maven repository, and therefore this project will not compile without it in your local repository or in the relative path.

Exporting from SVN if you don't want updates or if you are not a contributor (faster):

svn export jsf-comp/site
svn export jsf-comp/facelets/annotation-deployment

For other source control information, see the maven site report for more information.


This project is deployed to the jsf-comp maven 2 repository at sourceforge. It is not currently signed. If you want to have this feature, to save me some time, please email me on a quick how-to for signing the release with maven. Thanks.