Create a release of a component

The Admin's job

The project admins need to create a package for you. The rest can be done by you.

It makes sense to talk to the admins anyway. As we want to have the same names for the modules and the file-packages... this is a good reason to have a little chat.

The developer's job

tag your module in cvs
tag must start with a letter and cannot contain certain characters as "."... A good practice is to start with a "v" and then a "M.m.p" pattern. "M" is the major-version, "m" the minor version and "p" the patch-level.
add a release to your package
Use the same name as the cvs-tag. In the project-navigation go to "admin" then "File Releases". At the end of the page you see the available packages. Use the "Add a release" link. You will end up again on the package-page.
Edit your release
Use the "Edit a release" link, and select your new release. Either upload a release-notes file or type the most important info into the available test-box. For later releases do not forget the change-log... "Submit/Refresh".
Upload your files
The files must be uploaded using anonymous ftp to the sf-server. The server-name and the directory are mentioned on the release-edit-page
Add the files to your release
Refresh the page (using the button...) and select your files (and only your files...) and use the same button ("Add files/Refresh").
The files will now appear at the bottom. You now need to specify the processor-type and file-type for each file. Usually it is "plattform-independent" for the processor (as we program in Java) and either ".jar" or ".zip" (or whatever you uploaded) for the file-type.


Jump to the projects file-page to see whether your package, release and files are listed and downloadable. Maybe downloading and checking would be cool.